Colour in the studio

Over the past few months I have been adding to my studio, always trying to improve my little space into somewhere I can be creative, productive and calm. Before Christmas this meant building new trestles so I could have more workspace in my studio. Last month I bought a great blue trolley to fill with tools, pots of silver scrap and emery paper, to de-clutter my bench which so often gets so full of work and tools that there isn’t enough space to see clearly. Today I decided to add a square of vibrant turquoise to my space. In amongst the postcards, magazine cuttings, fabric squares and photographs that cover the only wall in my studio without a table in front of it, sits a beautiful block of colour. I continually turn to this wall for inspiration during my day and now the turquoise square seems to add strength to the space. It will act as a background for quick snapshots of work in progress and a simple block of colour to break the white walls.

For regular snapshots of work in progress at my studio, find me here:

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